La Fin du Monde Quilt Pattern by Libs Elliott

La Fin du Monde quilt pattern by Libs Elliott is a great pattern to fine tune your piecing and curve skills. I really enjoyed finishing this quilt top in March 2024.

Quilt Pattern

This quilt pattern is another great pattern from Libs Elliott. You can buy this pattern from her store here. I really enjoyed this pattern. I did the large size, and it is the biggest quilt I’ve ever made to date. It also has me quite worried about quilting it on my domestic machine- but that is a problem for a future date.

If you want to see my journey making this quilt – check out the YouTube video below!


The fabric in this quilt is from Lib’s Elliott’s Phosphor Electric fabric line. The black is Confetti Cottons Riley Black. I originally bought this fabric as a kit for a different pattern, but in the end, this quilt called my name!


This entire quilt is pieced with Aurifil Dove – it is my go-to! Quilting TBD – I think I want a bright, variegated thread – any recommendations?


To complete this quilt there are quite a few templates that need to be used. I printed all the templates on standard printer paper and tape as instructed. Then, I like to put the templates onto Wrights Quilter’s Extra Thick Plastic – which I get on Amazon. For this quilt I used something a little different that I had left over from some Cricut crafts, which I did not like as much. To date – the Wrights Quilter’s Extra Thick Plastic is my personal favorite for making templates.


What makes this quilt unique is not just the curves! What ended up being the most “challenging” was organization for me, because every block is different! With so many colors and shapes, it can get a little hairy. The two tips I have are:

  1. Use paper plates to organize everything you cut by color. I labeled each plate with a post-it notes with the fabric color it was. I actually learned this tip from the Bloem quilt along I did in Libs’ Sew Squad in late 2023. See my Bloem quilt here: Bloem Quilt Pattern by Libs Elliott
  2. I then moved to make every 4.5 inch block. To do this, I used pins/clips and post-it notes to keep things organized. As I got towards the end, I would chain piece entire rows or sections of blocks together. But in the beginning, I sewed one block at a time until I developed a system. I think everyone’s preference might be different here!


I’m currently torn on whether I will be quilting this myself or using a long-arm quilter for the first time. This is such a big quilt and I’m still using a Brother sewing machine for all my sewing and quilting. The throat space does not feel enjoyable for something this big, but we’ll have to see!

What is Next?

Up next, I am working on a quilt that will be gifted. The quilt needs to be in gifting condition by the end of April. So, I need to get moving! This incorporates blocks made by others as well, so I’m feeling a bit of pressure to not mess up their beautiful blocks. Hopefully that quilt will be done in a few weeks, and I can show off how it came out!

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  1. Oh, this is stunning! I love Libs’ Phosphor Electric and it’s perfectly paired with her La Fin du Monde Quilt Pattern. I hope you find the perfect solution for quilting. Thank you so much for linking up with Favorite Finish!

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